Community Architecture

Modular Architecture


to create architecture that welcomes all people.

We work with organisations
that promote equality, dignity and
social progress within communities.


value-based architecture

a design service that delivers
through certainty, creativity,
conformity and clarity
driven by our social
conscience & compassion.


community architecture

schools, social housing, tertiary
education, health facilities, hospitals, neighbourhood centres,
amenities & workspaces to further the
futures of all queenslanders.

a different approach

modular construction

no matter the location, our clients
strive towards architecture that makes
communities thrive. for over 15 years
Vabasis has been supporting our clients to
deliver for remote communities through
modular construction collaborations.


community focused

organisations we work with to promote
equality, dignity and social progress
within communities

TAFE Queensland

client feedback

"We now have a beautiful, welcoming complex with outdoor areas that are making a big difference to people getting together and socialising,"Feedback from a Resident from a social housing upgrade in Greenslopes

"Thanks for effort and going
above and beyond on this one.
Will certainly keep Vabasis in mind for any future works."
Feedback from Project Manager regarding external works upgrade for social housing

"I spoke to a number of tenants
and they are so excited by the
finished product.
What a great outcome."
Client feedback regarding an external works upgrade for social housing residents

Vabasis Community

your architectural team

architects, designers, project leaders
focused on fulfilling vabasis' mission and vision
for architecture in all regions of queensland.

Mission & Vision

To understand how Vabasis will deliver your project, first it is important for us to highlight our Mission and Vision. They are the driving forces behind the projects we take on, the people we employ and the approach we bring to each project.

Our MISSION is to work with and support
organisations that promote equity, dignity and
social progress.
We collaborate to create architecture that
welcomes all people. This is our contribution to
setting the scene for a sense of belonging.
Our VISION is a place where
communities can grow their identity.

Architectural Approach

Founded in 1997, Vabasis has over 20 years experience providing a value-based architectural service.Our Mission and our Vision are WHY we are architects. HOW we deliver for our clients is our design services called, Valued-based Architecture. While some of our project stage names vary slightly from yours, we believe there are nine key stages to achieving a positive design response. By moving through these stages, Vabasis can deliver evidence-based solutions with CERTAINTY, CREATIVITY, CONFORMITY and CLARITY.


Achieve quality, time, cost, and lifecycle performance through quality management.We do this by focusing on procurement, lifecycle and environment through definition of delivery method, program, planning to minimise impact, analysing capital, operations and maintenance costs and understanding site conditions.


Arrive at design solutions through collaboration, innovation, and iteration.We do this by focusing on aesthetics through exploring complimentary styles, materials and finishes while giving priority to function.


Ensure community acceptance through completeness and compliance.We do this by focusing on buildability, compliance and required approvals through understanding practical building methodology, responding to codes and fire safety.


Reduce variations through coordination, precision, and simplification.We do this by focusing on civil, services and structure through integration of the disciplines.

social conscience

Create architecture that welcomes all people.We do this by focusing on process, legibility, and accessibility through clear communication, encouraging participation, well defined circulation, suitable path, ramp and lift connections and equitable infrastructure.


Seek first to listen, understand, and then propose.We do this by focusing on history, context, and growth through learning about the community, council and visitors.


Vabasis has over 20 years’ experience providing architectural services to a diverse range of clients. Our focus on community architecture is driven by Dennis Butler’s personal and professional focus on producing architectural outcomes that support communities and help them to thrive.Vabasis’ clients include the Australian Government, State and Local Governments, Universities, Research organisations and not-for-profit organisations. The projects have included, schools, courthouses, libraries, public housing, university buildings and refurbishments, student accommodation, health facilities, emergency services centres, office fitouts and disability housing.Vabasis has an extensive and ongoing history with new builds and refurbishment projects. We are proud of this ongoing collaboration with our clients. We believe a project’s success is a combination of successful established working relationships with both our clients and our sub-consultants.We believe that the long term viability and acceptance of a project in the community is its key contribution to the built environment. We understand that every project should be sensitive to its natural environment, complement its built surrounding and provide sufficient design flexibility to remain relevant to the uses of the people who occupy it.

Community FOCUSED

Social Housing

Tertiary Education

Secondary Schools

Primary Schools

Work Spaces

Modular Design

Vabasis’ working knowledge of modular construction and understanding of the challenges of building remotely has supported the documentation and delivery of 70 modular projects. These projects range from the tip of Australia on Thursday Island, to rural coast towns to the remote desert of Western Australia.Recent modular projects are Genesis Specialist Cancer Centres. For Hutchinson Builders, Vabasis performed the role of Design Manager to work with specialist health architects (STH and MODE) to make their designs modular. The two centres were delivered in parallel at the Mater Miseridordiae Hospital in Bundaberg, and St Stephen’s Hospital in Hervey Bay. Construction was conducted while both hospitals remained fully operational. Sophisticated cancer treatment centres of this type would normally take anywhere from 12 up to 24 months to complete. Both facilities were delivered in four months.Other standout projects include, the Central Queensland University Mackay Student Accommodation received 3 QMBA awards, including ‘Project of the Year.’ As well as, the Meridan State College classrooms that were built and installed in 10 weeks.

Genesis Specialist Cancer Centres

Student Accommodation

School Classrooms

The Vabasis Modular Process

1. Design

To review the detail and priorities around a project’s objective, design principles and confirm a clear understanding of the project
To establish an understanding of the practical impact of the project objective, design principles and project aspirations.
To define the design delivery strategy including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
To assess the design delivery strategy success in producing a building which is fit for purpose, scalable, installable, certifiable, reliable, safe and environmental sensitivity.
To reduce complexity by removing and consolidating elements from the design delivery strategy to more efficiently support the project objective, design principles and project aspirations.

2. Endorse

To define the design delivery
process including method, order and outcome.
To confirm the market place
acceptance of the documented design delivery process.
To construct the offsite components according to the documented design delivery process.
To simulate onsite conditions to test and refine design delivery process.
To test and collect evidence confirming the compliance of incorporated elements, the pre-certification of the assembled buildings and the likely ability to certify the finished facility.

3. Validate

To deliver and land the building components and equipment at the site.
To complete the site works prior to the re-assembly of the components.
To complete the building works.
To test, go live and train users in the
operation of the facility.
To inspect for completeness and warrant for compliance.
To remove all waste.
To report on the performance of the facility to achieve the project objective, design principles and project aspirations.

Our People

Dennis Butler


Neville Stone

Delivery Manager / Architect

Bernadette Kerby

Office / Accounts Manager

Daniel McMurtrie


Catherine Woodward


Gene Cridland


Kesiya Thomas


Megan Westrop




frequently asked questions


Vabasis transitioned from a partnership started in 1997 to a privately held company in 2010. In 2016, Vabasis under went rebranding. This is where the journey to clearly defining our Mission & Vision began.

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Long working relationships

Vabasis is a preferred supplier for Queensland Government Department of Education and Training (DET).Vabasis has an ongoing Standing Offer Arrangements with QLD Government departments such as Building Asset Services (BAS).Vabasis is registered with the Queensland Government's Pre-qualification (PQC) System with Queensland Government's Department of Housing and Public Works.
PQC Registration Number: 3308A
PCQ Rating: Level 3

Business Details

Vabasis Pty Ltd
ABN 42 143 897 787
Office Address
Suite 12/541 Boundary Street
Spring Hill, QLD 4000
Postal Address
PO Box 771
Paddington QLD 4064


Vabasis practises architecture in Queensland under Dennis Butler's Registration #3361 with the Board of Architects of Queensland since 2000.
Vabasis is an A+ Practiceof the Australian Institute of Architects since 2010. Practice number E3216.
prefabAUS is the peak body for Australia’s off-site construction industry and acts as the hub for building prefabrication technology and design.
source: Building Council of Australia
The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is committed to developing buildings, cities and communities that are healthy, livable, productive, resilient and sustainable.

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Quality Assurance

Vabasis has established and maintains a quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016) forProvision of architectural design and documentation, contract administration and project management services.Vabasis has adopted the Quality Management Principles of:
• customer focus
• leadership
• engagement of people
• a process approach
• improvement
• evidenced based decision making
• relationship management


Vabasis maintains the following:
• Professional Indemnity
• Public Liability
• Product Liability
• Work Cover